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Persuading Aristotle

Peter Thompson’s simple and elegant style, enlightening examples and practical insights will change the way you think about getting your message across – in presentations, negotiation and the media.  You’ll be a more confident, strategic persuader, capable of persuading Aristotle himself.


Persuading Aristotle Chinese


Persuading Aristotle – UK edition

‘When Peter Thompson, master of the broadcasting art, turns his attention to the nuts and bolts of persuasion, the result is precisely what you’d expect: lucid, comprehensive and intensely practical’.  Hugh Mackay, author of The Good Listener.


Persuading Aristotle Swedish


The Secrets of the Great Communicators

Great communicators lead, inspire, motivate and create vision.  Their techniques are a model for anyone who manages people and organisations.  Peter Thompson analyses the techniques which have been used by some admired and effective communicators.  They include Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and Australians such as Robert Menzies, John Curtin, Bob Brown, Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke.


Talking Heads: the best interviews from the ABC TV show

Gain insight into the lives of some remarkable Australians in this collection of profiles from ABC TV’s Talking Heads.  Featuring many of the most popular shows from the past two years, this book examines the contributions of our highest achievers to the social, business, cultural and scientific life of Australia, and reveals what motivates and inspires them.


More Talking Heads

In this collection of profiles from ABC TV’s Talking Heads, fifteen remarkable Australians share their life stories and reveal how they responded to the challenges and opportunities that helped shape them.   Featuring some of the most popular interviews from the past three years, this book explores the contributions of these high achievers to the political, cultural and social life of Australia and reveals what motivates them.


Talking Heads CD


Wisdom: The hard won gift

The collection of interviews by Radio National’s Peter Thompson reveals the inner lives of twelve eminent Australians – probing who they are, not just what they do.  Each person has made a significant contribution to their ‘calling’, be it politics, religion, health, science or the arts.