Conference Facilitation

The right facilitator or MC acts as the glue that makes all the parts of a public event come together. You need a Facilitator with flare, substance and style.  You need him to have thoroughly researched and understood your issues and guide speakers and panellists in a way that is illuminating and constructive.  You need someone who can draw together the diverse threads of your conference.

Peter Thompson offers:

  • Facilitation know-how based on the highest level diplomatic, social, strategic and thinking skills.
  • Interviewing skills based on 40 years of broadcasting and dealing with elite political, business and community leaders.
  • Interactive sessions enlivened by Peter’s long experience in drawing people out in a non-aggressive manner and getting to the heart of issues.
  • Professional facilitation that allows for a smooth, stress-free approach to bringing people together and getting the best from them.
  • A warm and witty MC who brings substance to role for your big occasion.

Peter Thompson’s involvement in your conference will allow you to rest easy in confidence that nothing is left to chance.