How do people handle everyday situations which are at the heart of your success?  How would they react in a crisis?  Do people see beyond their own role?  Is your organisation ready for the future?

The Hypothetical lets participants see the big picture in a way which doesn’t lecture to them.  It’s a process of self-discovery.

The Hypothetical is a unique learning tool first developed by Socrates and popularised in our day by the Harvard law and business schools.  Its heart is the case study method of examining difficult choices.  Participants are asked to knock down their walls and react spontaneously to ethical and business dilemmas.  It helps stretch the minds of audience members to consider the real impact of possible scenarios and decisions.

The action is played out as moderator, Peter Thompson, puts the panellists through a series of tough choices involving a story line which has been carefully crafted in joint work with our clients.  While the process is high on learning, it is also entertaining and fun for the participants and the audience.  It will be the highlight of your next conference.

Hypotheticals suit both conference and training needs.  At conferences, Hypotheticals can be the keynote event bringing together your top speakers in the one session.  Including direct audience participation is an option.  In training, participants and audience can be pre-briefed before the Hypothetical and then de-briefed to highlight particular learning outcomes.

The duration of a typical Hypothetical is 1 hour and 15 minutes, making it ideal for conference opening or closing sessions.


  • The audience will enjoy a lively Hypothetical exchange between panellists.
  • The narrative will be relevant to the issues of significance to your organisation.
  • The Hypothetical gives the opportunity for panellists and audience to think afresh about issues and dilemmas to which there are no easy answers.
  • Our approach to the Hypothetical ensures that participants find the event a positive experience.