Media Workshops

Your career may depend more on a few minutes talking to a newspaper, radio or television journalist than years of hard work in your office.  Indeed, the very survival of your business may depend on it.  And, on the other hand, if you know how to use the media proactively, it can buy you more positive coverage than any amount of paid advertising.  This seminar has been run for leading public, private and not-for-profit organisations.

Jane Rowe and Peter Thompson will show you practical techniques to get your message across:

  • Learn how journalists work so that you can give them what they need.  This will greatly increase the chance of you being quoted in context.
  • Know how many points to make and how to structure your answers.
  • Learn how to handle difficult questions.
  • Construct a memorable sound bite.
  • Use your voice and body language effectively.
  • Know your rights if things go wrong.
  • Learn how to control the environment.

Media workshops are conducted in small groups or with individuals.  We thoroughly research all the relevant issues you will confront in the media.  We recommend the use of a camera to allow instant replay and feedback on your performance.  Learn the theory and structures that will help you and then practise the techniques in mock interviews.  You walk away with a personal DVD of your performances.