Presentation Skills

Your success depends not on what you know, but how you say it.  You are probably an expert in your field, but your ability to condense and express your knowledge n a persuasive manner will benefit from objective advice.  Developing the art of persuasion and influence has exercised the greatest minds in history.  Furthering your persuasive skills will pay off in both your professional and personal life.  This seminar is run for leading public and private sector organisations.

We show you each of Aristotle’s key techniques of persuasion:

  • Learn about ‘perspective taking’ of your audience in a way that will help you step into their shoes.  As Aristotle said, “A fool tells me his reasons.  The wise man persuades me with my own.”
  • Use Jung’s personality analysis to make your arguments appealing to people with widely varying communication styles.
  • Find out how to use Aristotle’s persuasive framework, ethos, pathos and logos.  Aristotle understood that empathy and emotions, values and logic are at the core of the persuasive and influencing processes.
  • Work with the right ‘retail’ language to connect with staff and customers.
  • Build structures for laying out your next business presentation.
  • Explore how to create metaphors to help your audience remember your key messages.  As Aristotle said, “The most important thing by far is to have a command of metaphor”.
  • Benefit from personal coaching on body language, voice, dress and handling nerves.
  • Discover the appropriate use of visual supports like PowerPoint.

Working in small groups or individually, you can use the seminar time to build and rehearse your next real life presentation.  Each idea is demonstrated and builds on previous steps.  We nurture you with patient and supportive feedback.  We recommend the use of a camera to allow instant replay and feedback on your performance.  Group size depends on client needs.